TGC Timing Calculator

Rod Length
Depth Mic Reading from top of flange to BDC (A)
Jacking Shim Thickness - See Note 1 below (D)
Optional information
Depth Mic Reading - Exhaust (B) - See Note 2 below
Depth Mic Reading - Transfer (C) - See Note 2 below
Depth Mic Reading - Port Opening (Crank port or rotor)
Depth Mic Reading - Port Close (Crank port or rotor)
Note 1 - Jacking shim thickness is used to raise the sleeve enough (i.e. 0.100") to allow engine rotation to measure stroke. The calculations will correct for its thickness. If not used enter zero (0).
Note 2 - Unless values are entered for both exhaust and transfer port opening positions, any "blowdown" values will not be valid.